The prophet speaks again! Behold, the newest Prophet’s Release, Isekai Cheat Survival Meshi Chapter 2!

But what prophecies of the future do we have for you? First and foremost, we are going to be picking up yet another fantasy manga. It will go a bit slower because it requires a ludicrous amount of redraws, but our staff redrawer Losian says he likes a challenge.

Also, as you can see this Prophet’s Temple is still barren. So if anyone knows how to set up this WordPress blog, please talk to us here or on our Discord. Please be our web master! Because right now, I can’t even figure out why the comments you guys post don’t show up immediately without me having to approve them.

Survival Meshi 02: DDL | Read Online

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Checkmate · March 17, 2019 at 7:14 pm

Thank you for your hard work.

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