On a starry night, at the height of the full moon, it has been decided that a prophecy will be attempted. So the prophets gathered in The Cave of Foresight to perform the Rite, in order to receive the words of □□□□□□.

The first word was υʇiɒЯ. The second iɒʞɘƨI. The third on. The fourth ɒįnɘ. And the last iɘƨnɘT. Understandably befuddled, the Council tried to make sense of the message, but to no avail. 2 days and nights they toiled over the intended meaning, until the great □□□□□□ remembered that it was looking in the mirror when it spoke thusly. The message was sent again, this time reading Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu and they also showed their appreciation to redrawer Losian for all the effort he had invested in this chapter.

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