According to the ancient rites, passed down to us from time immemorial, a prophecy was to be attempted today. An offering of Waifus was presented, in hopes of finding out what OP foes there were and where they were located. The offering most pleased the gods, who granted the Prophets the number, 14, and the place, right here and right now.

The revelation proved most worrisome to one of the prophets designated as scribe for this meeting, crazy_horse, who upon realizing how much time he had to invest into transcribing the words of The Revered and replicating the exact meaning and special effects on his scrolls, retreated to his cave and slaved over this for days on end.

P.S.: Seriously now, I’ll drop the chuuni act for a bit: You have a chapter like this that absolutely trashes you, so you have to spend almost a week on it, trying to replicate the effects of the original and going around SFX and word bubbles in the process, while juggling work and RL at the same time. It’s weird how very annoying it can be, but at the same time, very rewarding. I don’t know about Losian, who did most of the redraws on it (all those patterns and pattern shades, man), but I had a lot of fun with it, as did cmertb, who translated it. Hopefully not too many of these in the future.

OP Waifus 14: DDL | Read Online

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IonDrako · May 11, 2019 at 10:04 pm


andrew · May 20, 2019 at 8:30 pm

wtf that horn kijin, i thought for sure shes gonna attack nagi in sleep. turns out coming for sex lol.

thanks for the scanlation work!

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