OP Waifus 23

The very long wait this time was partly on us and partly on having to wait for better RAWs than we could (somehow) download off the official site. By the time we could get our hands on great quality for this chapter, the next one came out, so that one’s Read more…

Isekai Cheat Survival Meshi 14

One more chapter and we’re caught up to the RAWs. This chapter marks a special occasion, one we’ve been expecting from the very first chapter. Do you see the featured image for the series? Who’s ready for some dragon meat!!? YEAH, BOI!! Survival Meshi 14: DDL | Read Online

Noumin Kanren Chapter 16

YES!! Another Noumin chapter!! …You might be tempted to say that, but don’t rush ahead just yet. Full disclosure: we’re sorry if we missed anything too obvious, but it was inevitable with this chapter… Noumin Kanren 16: DDL | Read Online