Tensei Kenja Chapter 16

After a long, long wait, the chapter is finally available. Now, important thing to note: the translation wasn’t done by us, it was commissioned by Gunawan (as pointed out in the credits page) and we had to rely on a proofreader for the first time, but regardless, please point out Read more…

OP Waifus 25

With the exception of Tensei Kenja (which is coming soon), we’re back with all our projects. Hurray! In the meantime, enjoy this chapter of OP Waifus. OP Waifus 25: DDL | Read Online

Isekai Cheat Survival Meshi 15

And we’re back! Starting off with the very first series we picked up, even though we just missed our first anniversary. We’ll be slowly but surely going back to our pace, so expect more in the very near future. Survival Meshi 15: DDL | Read Online

Tensei Kenja Chapter 15

And with the release of chapter 15, volume 5 is finally done, after 3 long months. Things happened, but we’re back on track. It just sucks that it had to be during this whole COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe and healthy out there, guys! Tensei Kenja 15: DDL | Read Online

OP Waifus 24

It’s been a really long time since the last chapter of anything we put out, but we’re still alive… barely. It’s just that we REALLY need a few translators, so please spread the word. We’ll start a more lengthy recruiting campaign in the very near future, so we’ll appreciate any Read more…

OP Waifus 23

The very long wait this time was partly on us and partly on having to wait for better RAWs than we could (somehow) download off the official site. By the time we could get our hands on great quality for this chapter, the next one came out, so that one’s Read more…