OP Waifus 24

It’s been a really long time since the last chapter of anything we put out, but we’re still alive… barely. It’s just that we REALLY need a few translators, so please spread the word. We’ll start a more lengthy recruiting campaign in the very near future, so we’ll appreciate any Read more…

OP Waifus 23

The very long wait this time was partly on us and partly on having to wait for better RAWs than we could (somehow) download off the official site. By the time we could get our hands on great quality for this chapter, the next one came out, so that one’s Read more…

OP Waifus 22

After a long-ish wait, we’re back on track with the main story and more demon sword shenanigans. Gradient pattern redraws can go fu—… Well, let’s not go there. Hope you enjoy the chapter. OP Waifus 22: DDL | Read Online

OP Waifus 21.5

We heard of your preference for waifus, so that’s exactly what we bring you today. Unfortunately, this isn’t a full chapter, but a bangaihen, a .5 bonus-type chapter. Still, we hope you enjoy it. OP Waifus 21.5: DDL | Read Online

OP Waifus 20

A bit late with this chapter, so sorry about that, things happen. But look on the bright side, I guess next chapter shouldn’t take too long…? As long as it won’t require too many insane redraws. Enjoy! OP Waifus 20: DDL | Read Online

OP Waifus 19

Here we are with the latest chapter. And now we are out of raws. No more OP Waifus until the end of the month. So don’t come to our Discord asking when the next chapter is getting done. Instead, go ask that from the mangaka. I’m sure she will appreciate Read more…

OP Waifus 18

Guess what? It’s OP Waifus again. I know, I’d like some more variety too, but this is all we got. And yeah, no chuuni act today. OP Waifus 18: DDL | Read Online