Tensei Kenja Chapter 15

And with the release of chapter 15, volume 5 is finally done, after 3 long months. Things happened, but we’re back on track. It just sucks that it had to be during this whole COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe and healthy out there, guys! Tensei Kenja 15: DDL | Read Online

Tensei Kenja Chapter 13

We’re back with your favorite series, after a long wait. This chapter wasn’t as bad with redraws as some of the previous ones, but new people joining us certainly helped. Everyone, welcome our new redrawer, krasu13. More than half of the pages were done by him, but it was all Read more…

Tensei Kenja Chapter 11

One month after the previous chapter, we’re finally done with chapter 11. We weren’t kidding when we said things will drastically slow down. That’s why we could use an experienced redrawer to take care of a few of the very complex redraws this series punishes us with. On the plus Read more…

Tensei Kenja Chapter 10

We got our first spammer on this blog today. Does that mean we’re growing big? In other news, our awesome admin and redrawer Losian is going on indefinite hiatus. What does that mean for this project? Well, it means that things will drastically slow down unless more redrawers join us. Read more…

Tensei Kenja Chapter 08

And after a short break, our Temple of the Prophet is chugging along again. But… is anyone else disturbed by the image of Proud Wolf carrying slimes on his back? They look like boils… Tensei Kenja 8: DDL | Read Online