OP Waifus 21.5

We heard of your preference for waifus, so that’s exactly what we bring you today. Unfortunately, this isn’t a full chapter, but a bangaihen, a .5 bonus-type chapter. Still, we hope you enjoy it. OP Waifus 21.5: DDL | Read Online

Tensei Kenja Chapter 11

One month after the previous chapter, we’re finally done with chapter 11. We weren’t kidding when we said things will drastically slow down. That’s why we could use an experienced redrawer to take care of a few of the very complex redraws this series punishes us with. On the plus Read more…

Around 40 Shachiku no Golem Master 09

That. That was an elevator. I’m confused, I thought this was your standard fantasy world. The Prophets are confused. Smartphones, trolling and shitposting on Mongolian basketweaving forums when? In any case, get your fix of Golem Master here. Golem Master 09: DDL | Read Online