Tensei Kenja Chapter 09

Hey there everyone. It’s really been quite a while since the last chapter, hasn’t it? Well, this is why we said the following when we picked up this series: “We really don’t know how often this will update, since there are a lot of redraws for even one single chapter.” Read more…

OP Waifus 19

Here we are with the latest chapter. And now we are out of raws. No more OP Waifus until the end of the month. So don’t come to our Discord asking when the next chapter is getting done. Instead, go ask that from the mangaka. I’m sure she will appreciate Read more…

OP Waifus 18

Guess what? It’s OP Waifus again. I know, I’d like some more variety too, but this is all we got. And yeah, no chuuni act today. OP Waifus 18: DDL | Read Online

OP Waifus 17

The prophet has grown weary, that old man, so therefore I — the magnificent Mafrans — shall handle uploads. (Am I not incredible!) This chapter of the prophet’s holy scriptures may seem calm on the surface, but beware! There is something dangerous lurking underneath, and today’s unholy villain is not Read more…

Noumin Kanren Chapter 11

The stars are definitely not aligned properly today, but the Prophet is away on prophet business, so no one can stop me from making a release anyway. Enjoy the next installment in the otherworldly agricultural saga. Noumin Kanren 11: DDL | Read Online