Noumin Kanren Chapter 16

YES!! Another Noumin chapter!! …You might be tempted to say that, but don’t rush ahead just yet. Full disclosure: we’re sorry if we missed anything too obvious, but it was inevitable with this chapter… Noumin Kanren 16: DDL | Read Online

Tensei Kenja Chapter 13

We’re back with your favorite series, after a long wait. This chapter wasn’t as bad with redraws as some of the previous ones, but new people joining us certainly helped. Everyone, welcome our new redrawer, krasu13. More than half of the pages were done by him, but it was all Read more…

Around 40 Shachiku no Golem Master 11

Hey hey, people. Long time no see. No, we’re not dead, still alive, still kicking, even if just faintly. I know there hasn’t been much from us lately, except for Golem Master, but things are about to change, I promise. More info tomorrow. Golem Master 11: DDL | Read Online