OP Waifus 16

We are out of volume 3 raws, and volume 4 hasn’t been published yet. But the prophecy train doesn’t stop over minor things of that nature. Behold, yet another installment in the saga of a lazy man and his OP harem. OP Waifus 16: DDL | Read Online

Tensei Kenja Chapter 08

And after a short break, our Temple of the Prophet is chugging along again. But… is anyone else disturbed by the image of Proud Wolf carrying slimes on his back? They look like boils… Tensei Kenja 8: DDL | Read Online

Noumin Kanren Chapter 10

It’s one of those days when you want to prophecy something, maybe even doom and gloom, but it just doesn’t come together. So without much further ado, just enjoy the release. Noumin Kanren 10: DDL | Read Online

OP Waifus 15

While the Prophet was on his lunch break, a sudden urge came upon him to release something, and so he did. We have faithfully recorded the Prophet’s words, and they are as follows: OP Waifus 15: DDL | Read Online

Isekai Cheat Survival Meshi 08

As the Prophet teaches us, the bare necessities for human life are food, shelter, and clothing (that’s right, the Prophet doesn’t care about trivialities like water and oxygen). Now that our intrepid explorers have taken care of the food situation, it is time to move on to the next item Read more…

OP Waifus 14

According to the ancient rites, passed down to us from time immemorial, a prophecy was to be attempted today. An offering of Waifus was presented, in hopes of finding out what OP foes there were and where they were located. The offering most pleased the gods, who granted the Prophets Read more…

Noumin Kanren Chapter 09

Well hello there traveler. The Prophet has been on a roll the past few days, with prophecies rolling out so fast our scribes couldn’t keep up writing them down. Alas, that means that not a few have been lost to use for eternity. This really is the only one we Read more…