Hello weary travelers and welcome to the Prophet’s cave. I am one of the admins of the group and your resident typesetter for OP Waifus and Tensei Kenja. I know nobody will read this post, but I will take this opportunity to vent a little about this series. TS work often goes unnoticed and sometimes taken for granted, but over the last 8 days of nearly constant work, I only managed to do 4 chapters of this, which is insane. It’s not because of the fonts, it’s not because the chapters are too wordy, it’s just because the menus and the skill balls require a lot of special settings, it’s sapping all my energy (and will to live). Redraws are insane, too.

Yet in spite of all this, we still absolutely love the series! More details to come with chapter 14, when it will eventually be released. Until then, have fun and please try to appreciate the effort we all put into this free endeavor.

OP Waifus 11: DDL | Read Online

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Thank you very much~

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